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baked buttermilk doughnuts

baked buttermilk doughnuts

You guys, I did something weird. Last weekend, I bought a doughnut pan.

I am generally against purchasing kitchen tools that serve such limited purpose (unitaskers, if you’re an Alton Brown fan). It just seems silly and wasteful. But then I started thinking about my relatively newly discovered love of doughnuts (but only ones that are made locally in relatively small batches, not the kind from Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Creme…yes, I’m picky). But then I decided that there was absolutely no way that baked doughnuts would be anywhere near as delicious as fried doughnuts. And then I decided it might be nice to, on occasion, be able to make baked doughnuts at home in order to save money and potential calories, which led to thinking about the various flavor combinations that might come out of homemade baked doughnuts, which then led to finding a doughnut pan that was only $5. So I bought it. Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #19: bourbon vanilla caramels

bourbon vanilla caramels

Yep, another post about caramels. I saw the Bourbon Caramel recipe on Tracy’s blog, and immediately knew I had to try it. Typically, I make my caramels with cream and butter instead of condensed milk, but I was really happy to find that the process with the condensed milk moved a bit faster and yielded pretty much the perfect texture….soft, smooth, and chewy, but not so sticky you feel like your teeth are disintegrating. They kept their shapes incredibly well, and didn’t stick to the parchment wrappers either. Basically, these caramels are one gigantic WIN. Continue reading

homemade oreos

stack 2-

I don’t really like oreos (although I do love a good oreo pie crust). Maybe it stems from the fact that they’re full of chemicals and icky sweet, or from back in the day when I worked at Coldstone and had to hammer them to a pulp with a metal spade on a marble slab. If you ever scraped the spade against the marble too hard, it made the most horrendous screeching sound.

I like the idea of oreos, though. I mean, who doesn’t like a good sandwich cookie? Sandwiches are where its at (of the cookie variety, or otherwise). Continue reading

french apple tart with bourbon vanilla creme anglaise

Tart slice edits 1-

Would you trust me if I told you this is pretty much guaranteed to be the most delicious apple tart you’ve ever had?

(The correct response here is “YES!”)

If you’re skeptical….I dare you to make this. And everyone knows you can’t back down from a dare. Continue reading

Inaugural post…and some cookies.

Apricot Cornmeal Cookie Stack

Well, well, well. Here we are in blogland…again. The worst part of starting a new blog is the title. Should I go plain? Classy? Funny? Punny? It takes some thought. And once you realize you’ve wasted entirely too much time trying to decide where every potential title falls on your self-authored lameness scale, it’s time to just pick one and go with it. So here we are. Happiness is a warm bun. A Beatles reference. I know, I’m sooooo cool (totally kidding). Just so you know, though, I almost went with “I believe I can pie.” However, R Kelly gives me the creeps, so I passed on that one.

Also, I should admit that I can’t think of a time when I’ve baked buns. I’ll get to it though, I promise.

This can’t be the first post of a blog about baking without a recipe. I found this one from Joy the Baker (easily my favorite food-related blog out there), who adapted it from Dorie Greenspan. The addition of cornmeal and dried apricots to sugar cookie dough is surprisingly wonderful. Continue reading