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buttermilk pancakes

Buttermilk Pancakes

I’ve been a total slacker for the last few weeks –I have a few posts backed up and ready to go, but between learning more about photo editing and considering changing up the overall blog look and web-hosting situation around here, I’ve only managed to post once a week for the past few weeks. I’ll do better in the coming weeks! I promise.

Do you ever just crave pancakes? Every so often, usually at some weird time of day (hello, 9pm pancake craving!), I just want a warm stack of pancakes. It just happens. I can’t explain it. Sometimes, a girl just needs some freakin’ pancakes. Continue reading


polar vortex baking: hearty oatmeal-chocolate-almond-cranberry muffins

oatmeal muffins

Welcome to #PolarVortex2014. Ok, well, the vortex is over for us, but let’s recap. Also, the only thing I can ever think of when I see hashtags now is this.

Last week was “everyone hype up the polar vortex” week. Tom Skilling told us wind chills on Monday and Tuesday would be up to -50. Panic ensues. And by panic, what I really mean is everyone (EVERYONE.) went to the nearest grocery store and purchased anything and everything they could get their hands on. By the time we went on Saturday evening, they were out of onions. ONIONS, I tell you. And eggs. And a million other things. But ONIONS!?!? I mean, seriously? How do you run out of onions?! Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #7: pumpkin spice caramels

pumpkin spice caramels scatter-crop

I have what you might call “a thing” for making caramels. The time and effort (which mostly consists of babysitting molten lava sugar) put into them makes them special, and homemade caramels taste so so SO much better than the store bought mass-produced kind. They also make the perfect gift.

There is a candy shop near my apartment that makes their own passionfruit and raspberry caramels, and it got me thinking about how to incorporate some fall-like flavors into a caramel situation. Continue reading

spiced pumpkin scones with maple glaze

pumpkin scone half-tray-

Festive holiday recipe #2: spiced pumpkin scones!

But first, I have to throw in a quick shout-out to the awesome CVS minute-clinic nurses who gave me my flu shot on Monday. They were totally awesome, didn’t make fun of me for being a 28-year-old who hates needles and has never had a flu shot, and were excited to read this blog. Thank you!

I’m one of those people who LOVES pumpkin and won’t stop baking with it until the last possible day (which I always assume is like…Christmas eve.) Pumpkin sort of embodies fall/autumn. It just pairs so stinking well with those winter/fall spices that you might as well just keep using it until it’s socially unacceptable. Continue reading

Pop-tarts and my sous chef

sous chefI feel as though I should introduce you to my sous chef.  He always wears a tuxedo in the kitchen (although his pants are a little too short), and he really enjoys eating (among other things) canned pumpkin straight out of the can. Sometimes, he tries to trip me while I’m cooking, and other times he tries to start up a chirpy conversation with me. He’s not great about clean up. I think I need to hire a dishwasher.

He has a brother, who you’ll be introduced to later. Now that you’ve met, I can show my true crazy-cat-lady colors on occasion.

This was the first truly chilly weekend we’ve had this year…we’ve FINALLY dipped pretty consistently into the 40’s during the day. As a Californian-turned-Chicagoan, I think I’m one of the few people I know in this city who really and truly loves the cold. Why yes, I would LOVE to see another blizz-aster/snowprah/snowmageddon/snowtorious B.I.G. a-la-February 2011 this year. Especially since we got totally short-changed on cold weather last winter. Continue reading