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pi (pie) day appoaches: mini apple pies

mini apple pies

The weather was magical yesterday. It was almost 50 degrees. A lot of the residual snow/ice melted. Seriously, it was glorious.

And now winter storm “Vulcan” is a-coming. Mr. Vulcan is bringing 6-10 inches of snow in his suitcase. Obviously, he’s over packed. It’s just an overnight stay, after all.

Clearly, Mr. Vulcan is quite rude. So rude, in fact, that even the cat feels the need to throw some (sleepy) shade toward Mr. Vulcan.

elton the cat

But enough weather talk…let’s talk about better things. Like pie.

Let’s talk about pie! Continue reading


french onion tart

french onion tart

Does anyone else ever totally geek out about a new kitchen tool/appliance? My new toaster oven came yesterday and I am PSYCHED. Seriously.

Anyway, sometimes, you just gotta roll with a food craving. This past weekend, nothing in the world (slight exaggeration) sounded tastier than caramelized onions, egg, and cheese baked into a tart crust. While this recipe takes time, it’s a cinch to throw together, and you probably have most of the ingredients lying around your kitchen anyway. Continue reading

festive holiday recipes #10 & #11: a pair of pies

yogurt and salted honey pies

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you smell faintly of whatever you cooked for dinner the previous night? That is happening to me right now (and yes, I swear I DID take a shower this morning.) Apparently the latke/matzoh ball soup smell migrated directly from my kitchen into my closet, despite being on opposite ends of the apartment. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things I could smell like.

It’s December! Can you believe it? Excuse me while I shamelessly dance in my desk chair at work (not chair dance, as I think dancing in a chair and chair dancing might be two different things, one far more appropriate than the other…) to my Christmas with the Rat Pack album and stare at my twinkly USB holiday tree.

How was your thanksgiving/friendsgiving? Ours was delightful. We didn’t overcommit on the cooking/food front, for which I am very glad. It was totally non-stressful. The turkey enchiladas were insanely delicious, and made much better leftovers than 10 million slices of roasted turkey (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my traditional day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich a little.) While I neglected to take photos of the enchiladas, kale salad, and potatoes, I did manage to get some snaps of our lunch/appetizer situation and the pies. I’ll share the pies with you today, and the savory profiteroles and squash butter with you later this week. Continue reading

peach-pear pie

pie slice 30-

You know when you just get that lightning bolt thought where you just suddenly know exactly what you want to bake? No? Well, let me explain.

Trying to decide what to bake on a weekly basis gets tough after a while. You have to be simultaneously realistic (no, there’s no way I can make croissants on a 90-degree day in my tiny kitchen, as much as I want to), and creative (no, you can’t crap out and do another chocolate chip cookie recipe). And there are definitely some weeks where, as Friday approaches, I am completely at a loss with regard to what I’ll make that weekend. And then BOOM. Lightning bolt. I want to make pie. That’s it. That’s the only thing I could possibly be excited about making this weekend. Pie.

But what kind?

Enter: FARMERS MARKET. Continue reading

cherry cream cheese hand pies

individual pie-

For some reason or another, a lot of people I know seem to dislike pie. Usually, it’s for one of two reasons: one, people don’t seem to enjoy cooked fruit, and/or two, nobody wants to be bothered with making pie crust.

I don’t understand you cooked fruit haters. I will eat just about any fruit, pretty much regardless of preparation. I’ll even eat durian, world’s most hated and possibly stinkiest fruit.  Funny story about durian…one time, Brandon’s cousin brought durian to work for lunch, and they ended up evacuating the building because they thought there was a gas leak. Yeah, it’s that stinky.

I totally understand the hatred of making pie crust, though. It’s annoying. And store-bought pie crusts are never really all that tasty. So then you end up just sort of…avoiding pie.  This recipe, though, will solve your pie crust problems. It’s insanely simple. I even cheated a little (okay, a lot) and used my food processor for the part where you have to cut in the butter.

The best part about this recipe is the adaptability factor. Use whatever fruit is ripe/in season. Change up the citrus to match. You could even substitute the sweetened cream cheese with chocolate, if you wanted to. Or leave it out altogether.

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