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pi (pie) day appoaches: mini apple pies

mini apple pies

The weather was magical yesterday. It was almost 50 degrees. A lot of the residual snow/ice melted. Seriously, it was glorious.

And now winter storm “Vulcan” is a-coming. Mr. Vulcan is bringing 6-10 inches of snow in his suitcase. Obviously, he’s over packed. It’s just an overnight stay, after all.

Clearly, Mr. Vulcan is quite rude. So rude, in fact, that even the cat feels the need to throw some (sleepy) shade toward Mr. Vulcan.

elton the cat

But enough weather talk…let’s talk about better things. Like pie.

Let’s talk about pie! Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #9: cranberry ginger bundt cake

cranberry ginger bundt cake

Thanksgiving Friendsgiving is upon us, y’all! Our first batch of friends flew in on Saturday evening, and we’ve been having fun showing them the city. I do feel a little bad, though, since they happened to arrive on what has been the coldest weekend we’ve had all year. They’re coping quite well, though, especially for being used to the barely-ever-under-50-usually-in-the-70s winter weather of southern California.

I won’t be posting a recipe later this week, but I will have a bunch of festive recipes for you next week! Some pies, and more gifting ideas, too.

I originally had a different recipe to share with you today, but while the particular item in question tasted great, it also looked a little bit gross in photos. It happens, right? Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #5: chocolate chai crackle cookies

chocolate chai crackles-

You guys, it snowed yesterday. Snow that actually stuck (for all of a few hours). In early November. Where am I?!!?

I do love the snow, though. It just feels a liiiiittle too early. And it made all the trees lose their pretty red and yellow leaves, which I don’t so much appreciate.

As promised, I have Chocolate Chai Crackle Cookies for you today. Basically, they’re your regular old chocolate crackle cookies, dressed up with the warm, comforting spices found in your favorite chai tea. It puts a little bit of a festive spin on things, and makes what would otherwise be a fairly plain (but still delicious!) cookie much more interesting. Continue reading

spiced pumpkin scones with maple glaze

pumpkin scone half-tray-

Festive holiday recipe #2: spiced pumpkin scones!

But first, I have to throw in a quick shout-out to the awesome CVS minute-clinic nurses who gave me my flu shot on Monday. They were totally awesome, didn’t make fun of me for being a 28-year-old who hates needles and has never had a flu shot, and were excited to read this blog. Thank you!

I’m one of those people who LOVES pumpkin and won’t stop baking with it until the last possible day (which I always assume is like…Christmas eve.) Pumpkin sort of embodies fall/autumn. It just pairs so stinking well with those winter/fall spices that you might as well just keep using it until it’s socially unacceptable. Continue reading

festive holiday recipes: pumpkin chocolate chipsters

cookie side view-cropped

And we’re off with holiday recipe #1! Like I mentioned last week, this week I’m starting a holiday recipe series that will hopefully serve to give you some baking and gifting ideas for the upcoming holidays (Halloween through Christmas, I’m thinking).

The word “chipster” makes me think this cookie is like, extra hipster. Just roll with it.

Need a quick recipe for a Halloween celebration this week? This is your friend. You probably have all of these ingredients in your kitchen already.  And everyone will love you for making these. Case in point: I put a box full of them out on the kitchen table at work at 9:00am today, and by 10:00am there were only a couple left. For the last few hours, there’s been only one left. Because nobody wants to be that jerky guy who takes the LAST cookie. (Don’t be that guy, okay?) Continue reading