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festive holiday recipe #19: bourbon vanilla caramels

bourbon vanilla caramels

Yep, another post about caramels. I saw the Bourbon Caramel recipe on Tracy’s blog, and immediately knew I had to try it. Typically, I make my caramels with cream and butter instead of condensed milk, but I was really happy to find that the process with the condensed milk moved a bit faster and yielded pretty much the perfect texture….soft, smooth, and chewy, but not so sticky you feel like your teeth are disintegrating. They kept their shapes incredibly well, and didn’t stick to the parchment wrappers either. Basically, these caramels are one gigantic WIN. Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #18: chocolate dipped cinnamon marshmallows

choco dipped cinnamon marshmallows

How pretty are these guys? Homemade marshmallows are always so much more gorgeous than store bought…more rustically decadent, maybe?

Making marshmallows is shockingly easy, and once you make your first batch, you’ll never go back. You can flavor them with any number of extracts or spices, too! These cinnamon marshmallows are the perfect accompaniment to hot chocolate, and a cool thing to be able to share with friends and family, and any hot chocolate loving kiddos (and adults) in your life. I sprinkled mine with some crushed gingersnaps, too, but you can do whatever you’d like. Sprinkles are a fun addition, especially for kids.  Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #16: painted sugar cookies

painted sugar cookies

If any of you subscribe to Bon Appetit, you for sure saw these gorgeous painted sugar cookies on the cover and immediately thought to yourself “I MUST DO THIS.” And then, if you’re smart and self-aware, you probably thought to yourself “ok no, just kidding, where the hell am I going to find luster powder, and my painting skills are not up to par for this challenge.”

I did not think those last two things, and jumped into this anyway. And then about 2 cookies in, I was like “man, my painting skills…” But I pressed on. I’m glad I did. They’re great for gifting — how many people can say they received hand-painted sugar cookies for the holidays? Even if they do look a little derpy…that’s a pretty personal touch, if you ask me.

This would be a really fun project for kids, if you can gather the materials and your kids are at an age where they can keep the “paint” ON the cookies. The cookies are still entirely edible when painted, so don’t be weirded out. These do take some time, but they’re actually really fun and provide a different twist on the whole royal icing thing. Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #14: cranberry orange breakfast rolls

cranberry orange rolls

Cranberry Orange Rolls, you guys. Make them. No, really, do it. Throw the dough together the night before you want them. Get them all set up, stick them in the fridge, and then bake them off in the morning. Everyone will think you got up 4 hours early to work your butt off in the kitchen. Reality: you got up an hour early, let them sit out for 30 minutes, and stuck them in the oven for another 30 minutes. Easy-peasy, right?

On a side note, see that roll up in the top right corner? Brandon called that one “Princess Leia.”  We don’t typically go around naming food, but it was pretty hilarious looking. Continue reading

festive holiday recipes #10 & #11: a pair of pies

yogurt and salted honey pies

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like you smell faintly of whatever you cooked for dinner the previous night? That is happening to me right now (and yes, I swear I DID take a shower this morning.) Apparently the latke/matzoh ball soup smell migrated directly from my kitchen into my closet, despite being on opposite ends of the apartment. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things I could smell like.

It’s December! Can you believe it? Excuse me while I shamelessly dance in my desk chair at work (not chair dance, as I think dancing in a chair and chair dancing might be two different things, one far more appropriate than the other…) to my Christmas with the Rat Pack album and stare at my twinkly USB holiday tree.

How was your thanksgiving/friendsgiving? Ours was delightful. We didn’t overcommit on the cooking/food front, for which I am very glad. It was totally non-stressful. The turkey enchiladas were insanely delicious, and made much better leftovers than 10 million slices of roasted turkey (though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss my traditional day-after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich a little.) While I neglected to take photos of the enchiladas, kale salad, and potatoes, I did manage to get some snaps of our lunch/appetizer situation and the pies. I’ll share the pies with you today, and the savory profiteroles and squash butter with you later this week. Continue reading