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make your own girl scout cookies: thin mints edition

homemade thin mints

I’m just gonna come right out and say it…these DIY thin mints are seriously the best things to come out of my kitchen in a while.

Thin Mints are not even my favorite of the Girl Scout cookie varieties. That gold medal goes to Samoas, which, although I’ve never tried, I am pretty convinced I could never accurately recreate because I love them so much. Why are there only 14 Samoas in a box?! Rude.

thin mints

This homemade version is surprisingly accurate (can you call a cookie accurate?) but also better than the original. Partially because you’re eating cookies wherein you can pronounce all of the ingredients, but even more so because the chocolate flavor is a bit darker and more intense without becoming too rich or overwhelming. There’s also the teensiest bit of saltiness to balance the chocolate, too. Continue reading


fresh mint and chocolate chunk ice cream

ice cream mint close favorite-

I am guilty of two different kinds of freezer crime. The first being that I, on occasion, have a tendency to buy frozen foods that look totally delicious, but I rarely ever end up finishing them (and sometimes never actually even open them because I forget I bought it in the first place.) The second, related to the first, is that I am totally guilty of filling our freezer with random stuff, and then letting it sit for just about forever because in reality, we don’t really eat a whole lot of frozen anything. Seriously. I think it had been about 2 years since we’d cleaned out the freezer (and two years ago, we only did it because we were moving.)

A couple of weeks ago, we went out to California to visit with family for a few days. Since it was a short trip, we left the cats with plenty of food and water and clean litterboxes. Usually, they’re just fine. When we got home, everything appeared to be fine as expected. And then I went into the kitchen. Which is when I saw the freezer door wide open. And everything inside it was thawed/soupy/disgusting. Continue reading

birthday banana cream pie

pie 26 close up-

So before we get to that pie, we need to talk about something.

I had an incredible dinner on Saturday night. I would say it easily ranks in my top 5 best dinners ever. Don’t ask me what the other four dinners are…I haven’t thought this out that far.

Well, one of them would be from moto. But aside from that, I really haven’t thought through the rest. The top 5 thing was more for impact. Moving on.

If you live in or ever visit Chicago, I would highly recommend you go to the Publican. I’ve been a fan ever since we tried their brunch a couple of years ago. I happen to hold the opinion that they have the best bacon ever. Do you hear me? BEST. BACON. EVER. Continue reading

millionaire’s shortbread cookies


Have you had millionaire’s shortbread? Do you even know what millionaire’s shortbread is? Don’t worry, I hadn’t and I didn’t either. Here, let me draw you a picture.

millionaires drawing

Basically, it’s a bar with layers of shortbread, caramel or dulce de leche, and chocolate. Wikipedia tells me that it originated in Australia, but someone in my office told me it’s a British thing, so who even knows. Point is, it’s not a terribly common thing to see in the US. And I have no idea why. Continue reading