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pi (pie) day appoaches: mini apple pies

mini apple pies

The weather was magical yesterday. It was almost 50 degrees. A lot of the residual snow/ice melted. Seriously, it was glorious.

And now winter storm “Vulcan” is a-coming. Mr. Vulcan is bringing 6-10 inches of snow in his suitcase. Obviously, he’s over packed. It’s just an overnight stay, after all.

Clearly, Mr. Vulcan is quite rude. So rude, in fact, that even the cat feels the need to throw some (sleepy) shade toward Mr. Vulcan.

elton the cat

But enough weather talk…let’s talk about better things. Like pie.

Let’s talk about pie! Continue reading


french onion tart

french onion tart

Does anyone else ever totally geek out about a new kitchen tool/appliance? My new toaster oven came yesterday and I am PSYCHED. Seriously.

Anyway, sometimes, you just gotta roll with a food craving. This past weekend, nothing in the world (slight exaggeration) sounded tastier than caramelized onions, egg, and cheese baked into a tart crust. While this recipe takes time, it’s a cinch to throw together, and you probably have most of the ingredients lying around your kitchen anyway. Continue reading

french apple tart with bourbon vanilla creme anglaise

Tart slice edits 1-

Would you trust me if I told you this is pretty much guaranteed to be the most delicious apple tart you’ve ever had?

(The correct response here is “YES!”)

If you’re skeptical….I dare you to make this. And everyone knows you can’t back down from a dare. Continue reading