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festive holiday recipe #19: bourbon vanilla caramels

bourbon vanilla caramels

Yep, another post about caramels. I saw the Bourbon Caramel recipe on Tracy’s blog, and immediately knew I had to try it. Typically, I make my caramels with cream and butter instead of condensed milk, but I was really happy to find that the process with the condensed milk moved a bit faster and yielded pretty much the perfect texture….soft, smooth, and chewy, but not so sticky you feel like your teeth are disintegrating. They kept their shapes incredibly well, and didn’t stick to the parchment wrappers either. Basically, these caramels are one gigantic WIN. Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #7: pumpkin spice caramels

pumpkin spice caramels scatter-crop

I have what you might call “a thing” for making caramels. The time and effort (which mostly consists of babysitting molten lava sugar) put into them makes them special, and homemade caramels taste so so SO much better than the store bought mass-produced kind. They also make the perfect gift.

There is a candy shop near my apartment that makes their own passionfruit and raspberry caramels, and it got me thinking about how to incorporate some fall-like flavors into a caramel situation. Continue reading

beer caramels

whole setup-crop med

You guys.

I got the opportunity to help out with the pastry side of things in a legit restaurant kitchen this past weekend.

It was magical. I need to do it again.

I was really nervous that I wouldn’t know enough to be useful, or that people would be annoyed that I was just hanging around trying to learn stuff and getting in the way. Not the case at all. Everyone was so friendly! It was really obvious that they all cared a lot about their work and were genuinely excited to be there too, which was pretty refreshing to see.

I glazed something like 300 gourmet/fancy pants doughnuts and helped with some other stuff, which might sound tedious to you, but I totally geeked out and had a freakin’ blast.

Now, on to the beer caramels. Continue reading