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pi (pie) day appoaches: mini apple pies

mini apple pies

The weather was magical yesterday. It was almost 50 degrees. A lot of the residual snow/ice melted. Seriously, it was glorious.

And now winter storm “Vulcan” is a-coming. Mr. Vulcan is bringing 6-10 inches of snow in his suitcase. Obviously, he’s over packed. It’s just an overnight stay, after all.

Clearly, Mr. Vulcan is quite rude. So rude, in fact, that even the cat feels the need to throw some (sleepy) shade toward Mr. Vulcan.

elton the cat

But enough weather talk…let’s talk about better things. Like pie.

Let’s talk about pie! Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #4: apple-ginger cake

apple-ginger cake

I had originally intended to come at you with a recipe for Chocolate Chai Crackle Cookies today, but since I forgot my photos at home, you’ll have to wait til next week for that. It’s worth the wait, though. I swear.

In the interim, I thought I’d share this with you. This is a doozy of a cake…fairly easy to throw together (despite the lengthy ingredient list), and very “fall” tasting. It’d be a great option if you’re responsible for bringing a dessert to a party or potluck, as it travels pretty well and is a nice change from a lot of those sickeningly sweet grocery store desserts that are out there (no hard feelings if you bring those to a party, though. Real talk: we all enjoy a good grocery store cookie/cake/cupcake/brownie from time to time. We don’t always have time to bake. I get you, I promise.) The original recipe calls it a torte, but since this isn’t what I know a torte to be, I’m calling it a cake. So there. Continue reading

french apple tart with bourbon vanilla creme anglaise

Tart slice edits 1-

Would you trust me if I told you this is pretty much guaranteed to be the most delicious apple tart you’ve ever had?

(The correct response here is “YES!”)

If you’re skeptical….I dare you to make this. And everyone knows you can’t back down from a dare. Continue reading

Pop-tarts and my sous chef

sous chefI feel as though I should introduce you to my sous chef.  He always wears a tuxedo in the kitchen (although his pants are a little too short), and he really enjoys eating (among other things) canned pumpkin straight out of the can. Sometimes, he tries to trip me while I’m cooking, and other times he tries to start up a chirpy conversation with me. He’s not great about clean up. I think I need to hire a dishwasher.

He has a brother, who you’ll be introduced to later. Now that you’ve met, I can show my true crazy-cat-lady colors on occasion.

This was the first truly chilly weekend we’ve had this year…we’ve FINALLY dipped pretty consistently into the 40’s during the day. As a Californian-turned-Chicagoan, I think I’m one of the few people I know in this city who really and truly loves the cold. Why yes, I would LOVE to see another blizz-aster/snowprah/snowmageddon/snowtorious B.I.G. a-la-February 2011 this year. Especially since we got totally short-changed on cold weather last winter. Continue reading