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festive holiday recipe #16: painted sugar cookies

painted sugar cookies

If any of you subscribe to Bon Appetit, you for sure saw these gorgeous painted sugar cookies on the cover and immediately thought to yourself “I MUST DO THIS.” And then, if you’re smart and self-aware, you probably thought to yourself “ok no, just kidding, where the hell am I going to find luster powder, and my painting skills are not up to par for this challenge.”

I did not think those last two things, and jumped into this anyway. And then about 2 cookies in, I was like “man, my painting skills…” But I pressed on. I’m glad I did. They’re great for gifting — how many people can say they received hand-painted sugar cookies for the holidays? Even if they do look a little derpy…that’s a pretty personal touch, if you ask me.

This would be a really fun project for kids, if you can gather the materials and your kids are at an age where they can keep the “paint” ON the cookies. The cookies are still entirely edible when painted, so don’t be weirded out. These do take some time, but they’re actually really fun and provide a different twist on the whole royal icing thing. Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #15: fancy pumpernickel bread

fancy pumpernickel

So, I probably should have posted this earlier, because it would have made all those leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches you ate a million times better. But it can still make your other sandwiches better. It can also make your breakfast eggs better. It makes for an excellent toast situation. It’s good for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. I had some the other night as a side to my cauliflower soup.

Funny story…when I baked this bread, my loaf ended up with a butt. See? (Yeah, real mature, I know.)

bread butt- Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #9: cranberry ginger bundt cake

cranberry ginger bundt cake

Thanksgiving Friendsgiving is upon us, y’all! Our first batch of friends flew in on Saturday evening, and we’ve been having fun showing them the city. I do feel a little bad, though, since they happened to arrive on what has been the coldest weekend we’ve had all year. They’re coping quite well, though, especially for being used to the barely-ever-under-50-usually-in-the-70s winter weather of southern California.

I won’t be posting a recipe later this week, but I will have a bunch of festive recipes for you next week! Some pies, and more gifting ideas, too.

I originally had a different recipe to share with you today, but while the particular item in question tasted great, it also looked a little bit gross in photos. It happens, right? Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #8: malted shortbread


So, I initially called these “shortbread fingers,” but it sounded weird. And “shortbread strips” made me think of chicken strips and that is definitely not cool.

This shortbread is insanely easy…it takes maybe 15 minutes to throw together, which makes it a great option if you need a last minute treat or something to gift to some very lucky person. It’s also a pretty versatile recipe — you can change up the extracts or add spices to tailor it to your buds (your taste buds, that is…#dadjokes).  Continue reading

festive holiday recipe #7: pumpkin spice caramels

pumpkin spice caramels scatter-crop

I have what you might call “a thing” for making caramels. The time and effort (which mostly consists of babysitting molten lava sugar) put into them makes them special, and homemade caramels taste so so SO much better than the store bought mass-produced kind. They also make the perfect gift.

There is a candy shop near my apartment that makes their own passionfruit and raspberry caramels, and it got me thinking about how to incorporate some fall-like flavors into a caramel situation. Continue reading