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butterscotch-bourbon pudding

Butterscotch-Bourbon Pudding

Polar vortex/Chiberia round two is upon us. People aren’t panicking as bad this time around. I can tell because I was able to buy all the groceries I needed this weekend (read: the grocery store still had onions this time.)

Obviously, we all know by now that the best way to deal with a polar vortex is with food. This time: pudding (and brownies, but those are coming later this week). There’s just something about pudding. It’s simultaneously cold and texturally refreshing, while also being rich and boozy. I can’t explain it, really, it just works. Continue reading


festive holiday recipe #19: bourbon vanilla caramels

bourbon vanilla caramels

Yep, another post about caramels. I saw the Bourbon Caramel recipe on Tracy’s blog, and immediately knew I had to try it. Typically, I make my caramels with cream and butter instead of condensed milk, but I was really happy to find that the process with the condensed milk moved a bit faster and yielded pretty much the perfect texture….soft, smooth, and chewy, but not so sticky you feel like your teeth are disintegrating. They kept their shapes incredibly well, and didn’t stick to the parchment wrappers either. Basically, these caramels are one gigantic WIN. Continue reading