lemon berry angel food cake

cake edit-1995 crop


This is absolutely a cheater recipe. I’m just gonna own that right now.

Really, all you need to do here is cut up some fruit, stir some ingredients together, and assemble.

It’s surprisingly tasty, and a good option for a summer bbq/potluck/party if you don’t want to spend much time stressing over dessert.

If you’re like me, it also makes a really tasty breakfast.

Lemon Berry Angel Food Cake

1 store-bought angel food cake
1 can lemon pie filling
1 container Cool-Whip
berries or other fruit


  1. Flip your angel food cake over, so the wider end is on the bottom and the smaller end is on top. Cut your anel cake in half so you have two rings.
  2. Place the wider of the rings on a plate, and set the smaller ring aside for later.
  3. Make your “frosting”: stir together the Cool-Whip and the pie filling until thoroughly combined.
  4. Frost the plated angel food cake ring. You’ll want to be generous with the frosting.
  5. Add a layer of berries on top of the frosted ring. Strawberries work pretty well here.
  6. Place the reserved angel food cake ring on top of the layer of berries. Frost.
  7. Add berries as desired on top of and/or around the cake once you’ve completed frosting. It’s meant to be “rustic” looking, so don’t stress about perfectly smooth frosting!
  8. You can eat it right away, or, you can stick it in the fridge for a bit.
  9. Cut/serve with additional fruit garnish (nectarines and mangoes, in my case.)
  10. Cover leftover cake with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge. I find that it holds up for 3-4 days, provided it doesn’t get eaten by then.


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